We are proud to be developers for newer concepts motivated by the problems that are faced. FRP/GRP moulders till date have been using labels made of paper film for labeling their products. These labels are incompatible to the resin system, they also have a short life in some cases. This motivated us for developing a new range of products which is printed label on glass surface tissue / polyester surface tissue which can we designed specifically with your logo and any other designs, colors and punch lines for labeling your identity in your innovations. The benefit of such a label is that it is easy to use and cannot be removed giving a complete effect of the product range it represents also can act as a good marketing tool for your brand name.


Apply a layer of clear unsaturated polyester resin mixed with Catalyst and Accelerator or any clear resin as used by you, place the label on it and apply another layer of the resin allow to dry.