QUEEN'S VEIL Designer Glass Surface

FRP products no longer need to be in plain finishes. FRP doors with matched wooden texture, Vertical Walls given a stone like or brick like finish, Bathtubs in marble & granite textures, Roofing sheets in shining colorful glitter bring life to FRP products.

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Wood Grain

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Roofing Texture

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Marble Granite

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Polylam Film


  • After preparing the mould, apply a liberal coat (about 180-220gsm) of Roofing / Clear resin or Clear Gelcoat.

  • After a short while, when the resin cures to give a tacky surface, place Queen’s Veil over the surface gently.

  • Stipple gently by vertical brush movement ensuring a thorough wet out. Once cured to a tacky surface, apply a coat of Pigmented Resin.

  • Lay CSM of the required density and wet it out thoroughly with Pigmented Resin. Additional layers of CSM / Woven Roving may be laid as per design requirements with Pigmented Resin and allowed to cure.


  • Short, soft and white brushes must be used. Fine bristled brushes are preferred as they will not disturb the Design Texture.

  • While stippling with the brush start from the centre of mould in outward direction. Stirctly ensure that there is no horizontal movement of the brush, as it will disturb the design on Queen’s Veil. Work slowly and gently with the brush in double curvatures, edges or corners.

  • Wet out thoroughly any dry patches by further application of Roofing or Clear Resin.