Q1: What is Queen’s Veil?

Ans: Queen’s Veil is printed veil/mat on either Glass Veil / Polyester Veil.

Q2: What is it used for?

Ans: It gives FRP/GRP a designer texture i.e. if you are making FRP door or furniture, you may use Wooden Grain texture so that your product looks like natural wood finish, like wise, other textures will give a natural look.

Q3 : Is it used for Outdoor applications?

Ans: Yes. Colours are tested against sunlight.

Q4 : What kind of products can be made from it?

Ans: We have developed and tried to make designs which can be used for any type of products. Also custom made designs can be undertaken.

Q5 : Can we use Queen’s Veil for sharp edge products?

Ans: Yes. Please refer our guide.

Q6 : What kind of lamination resin you suggest?

Ans: Resin should be clear with low viscosity for better wet out and less bubble problem. Resin should have UV stabilizer. This UV will give Queen’s Veil colour protection. This lamination resin should not contain any wax, so that it remains tacky for quite some time..

Q7 : What kind of packing is available?

Ans: We have 50m rolls, 2 nos. of rolls are packed in one carton (paper). Individual rolls are covered with transparent bags.

Q8 : Can you provide design and colour as per our requirement and for doing so what quantity do we order?

Ans: Yes. We provide our customers with any kind of design or colour. We would require at least 1000m of confirm order.