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  • Embossed Polyester Film - Cracked Ice Texture
  • Roofing Texture
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Welcome to Adex Composites Pvt. Ltd.

We manufacture Printed Surface Veils for FRP products.

Designer Glass Surface

FRP products no longer need to be in plain finishes. FRP doors with matched wooden...

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Printed Polyester

Any color/DesignGood, Quality Polyester,Deeper, darker,rich-colored composites. ..

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FRP/GRP moulders till date have been using labels made of paper film for labeling their Product...

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Embossed Polyester Film

Cracked Ice is commonly used to provide texture in fiberglass reinforced panels...

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Our Latest Work

Floral Stickers

Metallic Textures

Polyester Surface

Door Lamination

Technical Specifications


Uniform fibre distribution       Smooth surface       Soft and Pliable feel
Low binder and stainer content       Fast Resin Impregnation       Good mould obedience


Weight 30 gms/sq.mtr       Binder content :7%       Resin wet out time : 10 seconds


Near the double curvatures, edges or corners, it is very important to work slowly & gently with the brush.Templates of “Queen’s Veil” precut are very important for corners and contours extremely necessary for some curvatures and contours. Continuity of designs at joint is very important


Laminating properties are similar to that of fiberglass and Polyester Surfacing Mats in terms of Wet-out, Pliability, Drape, Glass to resin ratio and Porosity. The colours are compatible with polyester resins and will not smudge when laminating.